Stop Wage Garnishment, Creditor Harassment, Home Foreclosure

Bankruptcy Law Long Beach, CAIt happens. You didn’t plan on it. You were thrown a curve ball and you are now way behind on your payments. Overwhelming debt can begin with job loss, illness or injury or a statewide economic slump. Debt that seemed manageable becomes unmanageable.

At Budget Legal Center our attorneys have seen it all before. We would like to offer you debt relief for a low rate and fixed fee. Our law firm has successfully completed thousands of bankruptcies in Long Beach, Huntington Beach and throughout Southern California. We give each of our clients the debt relief they need to start over.

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Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? Which to Choose?

There are a few reasons why a chapter 7 works out better for many people. Both types of bankruptcy can stop wage garnishment, creditor harassment, and home foreclosure proceedings for a low down payment.

Budget Legal Center offices a same-day filing which will accomplish the following objectives.

  • Provide immediate, same day relief from creditor harassment
  • Stop wage garnishments
  • Stop auto repossessions
  • Stop home foreclosures

So what is the difference?

A chapter 7 will completely wipe out your debt (debt discharge) and you can keep many of your assets. A chapter 13 will require you to repay your debt and you may keep all of your assets as long as you finish the repayment plan. A chapter 13 will cost more to complete.

Save Money and File a Chapter 7

Many individuals cannot keep up with the repayment plan of chapter 13 and file a chapter 7 bankruptcy later. Why not file the chapter 7 to begin with? It will save you money in the end. A low down payment for your chapter 7 bankruptcy is all it takes to stop the harassing phone calls.

Flat Fee Bankruptcy With a Payment Schedule Option

Almost all of our clients have kept their property and personal possessions while paying nothing back to their creditors. You won’t know if that could be you unless you give us a call.

Quality Legal Services at Affordable Fixed Rates

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