Effective Child Custody Visitation Support in Long Beach, CA

On the surface, child custody and visitation issues seem very complex. In reality, they are not. The law outlines very clearly how these matters are to be handled. After a child custody order has been established, whether during a divorce or for parents who have never been married, that order is to be strictly followed by both parties. However, it is possible to modify the terms of the custody order if a change is sought through the courts. If the parties agree to make a change on their own, without the court’s approval, there could be serious repercussions. At Budget Legal Center, we can ensure you make modifications to your support agreement in the right away. Whether you need to change the payment amounts or the frequency of payments or you want to terminate payments altogether, we’ll work to get you the best possible results. Contact us today.

Modifying child custody after divorce

Typically, modifications to child custody can be made when the requesting parent has a major change in their lifestyle. This change can stem from a new job or lack of employment to a long-distance relocation. We can help you file a request, attain your supporting documentation, and represent you throughout the hearing process. As Long Beach, CA’s leading family law firm, we’ve helped countless clients seek better visitation schedules, enforce child and spousal support, and protect their parental rights. Whether your divorce has yet to be heard before a judge or the case has been settled, we can help you modify the terms to be more equitable for your needs. We have over 20 years of experience with family law and a reputation for getting results. Contact us now for more information.

Child custody dispute solutions

If you’re experiencing a child custody dispute, it’s best to file a Request for Child Custody and Visitation. Once this request has been filed, the court will send both parents to family sponsored court services where both parties will have a chance to resolve their dispute with the assistance of a licensed therapist. If a resolution can be reached, the court will modify and finalize the custody order. If no agreement can be reached, the case will go into litigation. Whether you’re looking to mediate your child custody dispute or you foresee a bitter court battle, we’ll stand by you and give you aggressive representation. Our team of bar-certified and licensed attorneys has over 20 years of experience and we’ll strive to ensure your rights are protected.

Child custody and abuse

Domestic abuse can occur to both women and men, and if you’re experiencing this, it’s vital you seek a qualified lawyer immediately. Whether physical, sexual, or emotional abuse is present, we’ll strive to get you emergency court orders within 72 hours in order to protect you and your children. We’ve helped to intervene in abusive situations by helping parents receive domestic abuse counseling, filing for restraining orders, and requesting the court to provide supervised visitations. Protect yourself and your family by contacting our legal team today.

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