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If you’re a noncustodial parent who provides child support but your ex-spouse won’t allow visitations, don’t make the mistake of refusing to pay support as retaliation, which could result in a legal quagmire. By withholding child support, you could put yourself at risk for wage garnishment or even a warrant for arrest. We can help you get the visitation rights you deserve without risking your finances or your livelihood. Our team of legal experts has represented countless clients in parent visitation cases and divorce proceedings in Long Beach, CA, and we’ll ensure your parental rights are protected. We also offer child support modification guidance, bankruptcy representation, and expert family law counseling. Contact us now for more information.

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Many parents wonder what rules are in place for terminating child support. Can a parent stop paying support if their ex-spouse refuses to allow visitation? What if the child refuses the parent’s support and would prefer to be emancipated? At Budget Legal Center, we can help you explore all the legal possibilities without any risk to your finances, livelihood, or freedom. If there’s an issue with visitation being stopped or hampered unlawfully by your ex, don’t stop the child support payments, since the court deems this a separate matter from your visitation rights. Simply contact us and we’ll get to work on the issue. We can ensure the court enforces your court-appointed rights. Have you recently lost your job? We can help you request a new hearing for a modification of your support payments. Don’t take the law into your own hands; get the legal protection you need and the results you want by contacting us today.

How California courts terminate child support

The courts do not automatically terminate and/or modify the terms of child support and spousal support unless the paying parties seek these actions on their own. In most cases, a simple request for a hearing often brings positive results. Any type of change in circumstances may be grounds upon which a termination or modification of child or spousal support may be sought. These circumstances include:

  • A child reaching age 18 or finishing high school
  • The other party getting married or remarried
  • An income increase or loss
  • A child being granted emancipation
  • Your own marriage or remarriage
  • Either party moving out of the area or state

If your finances, career, or marital status has significantly changed, contact the legal team at Budget Legal Center. We can strive to restructure your support payments in a way that is fair and balanced. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Take legal action now!

If you’re past due in your spousal or child support payments, you risk a wage garnishment for support, which will continue indefinitely if you do not take action. If you stop paying, arrearages can accumulate, leaving you vulnerable to other punitive measures such as a driver’s license suspension and even a warrant for your arrest. Don’t become a victim to aggressive prosecutors. Protect your rights as a parent and ensure you can equitably meet your support obligations. We offer expert legal counsel and representation and we’ll strive to get you the best possible outcome.

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