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Whether you owe back payments for child support or you’re owed payments by your ex, we can ensure the situation is resolved equitably. We offer expert legal guidance and representation that can help you set an affordable payment plan, give you temporary relief of payments while recovering from an injury, or modify the payment amounts to better fit with your budget. We’ve worked with countless clients from all walks of life in Long Beach, CA, and we’ll strive to provide effective legal protection for your needs at a very reasonable flat rate.

The consequences of not paying child support

Child support is a series of payments made by the noncustodial parent to support their children. The amount of support is determined by the court during a divorce proceeding and should cover necessities such as food, clothing, medical care, education expenses, and extracurricular or daycare needs. Failure to meet child support obligations can lead to serious consequences, including:

  • Child support liens on property
  • Criminal warrants
  • Civil warrants and fines
  • Wage garnishment
  • Credit score lowered and more

If you’re a custodial parent and aren’t receiving your payments in a timely manner, or you’re a noncustodial parent and paying support you can’t afford, contact our office. Our legal experts will review your case and offer you the best possible legal advocacy. We offer flat-fee pricing that is affordable for almost any budget and we’ll ensure your rights are protected.

Setting up equitable child support payments

Regardless of the amount of back child support you owe, do not let the balances scare you from resolving the matter. Many child support payment cases can be resolved in a quick and easy manner by creating equitable payment plans and even arrears forgiveness. However, if the balances are not addressed, the county or state will seize your tax refund, suspend your California driver’s license, report the balances to credit reporting agencies, and file a contempt. At Budget Legal Center, we strive to ensure your livelihood and ability to provide for your kids isn’t affected by the court. We’ve helped countless clients:

  • Retain their driver’s licenses
  • Maintain their credit scores
  • Secure lower child support payments
  • Pay off reduced amounts of arrears payments

Ensure you have the best possible chance of clearing your debt and providing for your family by contacting us now.

Affordable and effective legal guidance

We understand how overwhelming it can be to see the balance of the child support you may owe. However, with our low-cost representation and flat fees, our affordable services are tailored to meet your needs and help you deal with your back child support and any actions that have been taken against you as the result of your arrearages. We help clients understand how to address back child support issues for a low-cost, fixed fee. Our firm will lay out your obligations and what we offer so you know how much it will cost and what you can expect. We also offer expert legal guidance and representation for legal separations, bankruptcies, and other complex family law issues. We pride ourselves on offering affordable legal options that are both convenient for our clients and effective in providing the legal protection they need.

We’ll help you meet your child support obligations. Call now.

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