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As Long Beach’s leading family law practice, we’ve helped more than 10,000 couples obtain a divorce in Long Beach, Orange County, and throughout Southern California. Whether the split with your spouse is amicable and uncontested, or you expect to disagree on a number of important matters, we’ll ensure your rights are protected and you get the best possible outcome. At Budget Legal Center, there are no hidden costs and no surprises. Our law firm will handle all aspects of the process for less than $500. Our low-cost, fixed-fee divorce services include:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Property division

We’ll listen to your needs and concerns and offer you the best legal options to take. Put our straightforward, affordable approach to dissolution to work for you by contacting us today.

Contested divorces

Divorces fall under two categories, contested and uncontested. A contested divorce is a dissolution of marriage in which one or both parties can’t agree to either get the divorce or about the terms of the divorce, which can include child custody, child support, division of assets, or debt allocation. Typically, most couples will start divorce proceedings in a contested state but will reach an agreement or settlement before the trial.

Settlements are a boon for both sides because they put an end to the litigation process and are generally never disputed, since both parties agree to the terms. If the trial moves forward, its imperative to retain a qualified lawyer to protect your interests. The legal complexities of self-representation during a divorce trial are often more than an untrained individual can surmount. With our legal expertise and representation, we’ll serve your spouse a divorce petition, expedite their response, discover and research the details of your case, aggressively negotiate to protect your rights, represent you throughout the trial process, and, if needed, make any appeals on your behalf. We’ve worked with countless clients over the last 20 years and we’ve built a reputation for getting positive results for our clients. Contact us today.

Uncontested divorces

Uncontested divorces occur when the spouses agree on the terms of the dissolution and don’t need the court to divide the assets or make determinations about child support or child custody. In general, uncontested divorces take much less time and money to process. While a trial will not occur, it’s still important to seek the guidance of a trusted divorce attorney to ensure the matter is settled in an equitable manner. We have your best interests at heart and we’ll strive to make the process as convenient, affordable, and stress-free as possible. Ensure your rights are protected by contacting us now.

Easy and affordable divorce settlements

At Budget Legal Center, our lead attorneys have extensive experience handling contested divorce cases and our cost-effective process can be used in even the most challenging situations. In other words, we can resolve your contested divorce for less than $500. We believe hourly fees are a thing of the past. Our team handles contested and uncontested divorces on an affordable fixed-fee basis, which means you will know up front how much you will pay. We’ll take the time needed to get to know your case, your needs, and your concerns and offer expert legal guidance and representation you can rely on. When you need effective and affordable legal representation during a divorce, we’re your first, best choice.

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