Family Law Long Beach, CAFamily law issues often come down to money. Who gets which property items? How much child support does an ex-spouse have to pay? With questions like these to be resolved, clearly how your divorce is handled has important consequences for your financial future.

It is normal to be concerned about money — and that includes how much you have to pay your lawyer. At Budget Legal Center, we use a low-cost, flat-fee model to deliver affordable, effective legal services to family law clients. We focus our practice on helping clients pursue their goals without running up big fees.

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Divorce and Other Services

The services our attorneys provide include all of the key aspects of divorce.

  • Property division — dividing up assets and debts, such as the family home, retirement accounts and other property acquired during the marriage
  • Child support — determining the size of the award, enforcing it and potentially modifying it based on changed circumstances
  • Child custody —deciding on custody arrangements and working out parenting plans or visitation structures
  • Modification of divorce decrees — modifying part of the divorce order based on changed financial or other circumstances

With all of these issues, we keep your best interests front and center without letting the price tag get out of hand. In fact, our affordable flat fees enable you to know up front exactly what it will cost to take care of your divorce.

Besides a divorce, do you also need debt relief? We can help you file for bankruptcy.

In some cases, your family law issue may involve a matter other than divorce. We also apply our efficient, focused approach to legal services to situations such as:

  • Paternity — contesting or establishing paternity of a child, which can affect child support and visitation rights
  • Domestic violence — handling restraining orders and other issues that arise in cases of domestic or family abuse

As in divorce cases, we are committed to working for your best interests when you are facing any of these other issues. But we don’t do it with the expense meter constantly running. We always prioritize our work to make sure it is cost-effective for our clients.

Focused Service and Affordable Fees

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