Has the CPS threatened to take your kids away?

You Don’t Have to Pay a Lot to Fight for Your Kids

Obviously, children’s court issues are very serious. You want to keep your kids. You want to handle this effectively. That doesn’t mean you have to pay expensive hourly attorney fees. The Budget Legal Center can help for less.

What Causes Child Protective Service Issues?

Typically, Child Protective Services takes children away because they have received information alleging that parents have somehow put the children at risk. These allegations may include drug use in the household, alcohol abuse on the part of one or both of the parents, physical neglect or a variety of other matters.

No matter what is at the root of a children’s court issue, we can help. In 1990, our law firm was founded by a team of experienced lawyers. Since then, we have helped thousands of satisfied clients in Huntington Beach, Long Beach and the surrounding parts of Southern California. We know how to handle dependency hearings. We can help you fight to keep your children.

Find Out How Affordable Our Flat Fees Are

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