Legal Separation Counseling in Long Beach, CA

If your marriage is no longer tenable but divorce is an option you don’t want to take, contact the family law experts at Budget Legal Center. We can help you file for a legal separation that will secure your personal assets, income, and obligations without terminating the marriage entirely. Our expert legal team has over 20 years of experience with family law issues and we can give you the guidance, representation, and legal protection you need to move forward with your life. We also offer a wide range of family legal services that include:

  • Divorces
  • Bankruptcies
  • Child custody disputes
  • Child and spousal support issues
  • Divorce agreement modifications
  • Child visitation rights
  • Property disbursement disputes and more

We’ve served countless clients in LA County and Orange County over the last two decades, and in that time, we’ve built a reputation for aggressive representation and getting our clients positive results. Contact us today for more information.

The difference between legal separation and divorce

A legal separation doesn’t end a marriage but it does enable you to live separately from your spouse while still being married. Typically, a legal separation covers all the same issues that would be in a divorce decree, including the need for child support, a division of property, and allocation of shared debt and personal debt. A separation agreement can protect you from new debt your spouse may incur until the decision of getting a divorce is made. If you and your spouse do decide to move forward with a divorce, the agreement in the separation is usually carried over to the divorce decree. For this reason, it’s important you come to a separation agreement you’re satisfied with. At Budget Legal Center, we can help you draft and propose a legal separation that is fair and protects your interests and your rights as a parent. Whether you need representation at mediation or in court, we’ll aggressively defend your rights for a very reasonable price. Contact us now to find out how we can best serve you.

An affordable alternative to divorce

Divorce proceedings can be expensive if the divorce is contested, but at Budget Legal Center, we believe everyone deserves quality legal protection no matter their budget. That’s why we offer flat-rate pricing that’s affordable, no matter the legal avenue you want to take. Generally, the most convenient and cost-effective route to solving a marriage dissolution is starting with a legal separation. This establishes your intent and addresses the issues in the marriage and any obligations you and your spouse need to meet. If agreed upon, a legal separation can easily transfer to a divorce agreement without the need for a lengthy trial process. When you turn to us, you can be confident you will pay one low fee to address every part of your legal separation, which includes:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Property division

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Is a legal separation right for you?

If you feel you need to address serious concerns in your marriage that go beyond counseling, a legal separation may be the right move for you to take. Whether you’re seeking a separation due to religious reasons, wanting to untangle your financial assets from your spouse, or needing time to evaluate your marriage, we can help you procure a legal separation agreement that’s affordable and effective. Contact our office today to begin the process.

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