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If you’re trying to have your child’s father legally recognized to help with support, contact the legal paternity experts at Budget Legal Center. We can help you file a paternity suit that will force the father to undergo a genetic paternity test and ensure he helps with your child’s financial, medical, and educational needs. We also offer a wide range of family law services that include:

  • Divorce
  • Divorce agreement modifications
  • Legal separation
  • Property distribution
  • Bankruptcy
  • Child custody
  • Child support and spousal support
  • Domestic abuse legal protection

We’ll take the time needed to understand the specifics of your case and provide you with expert legal protection that will ensure your parental rights stay intact. Contact us now to schedule a free initial consultation.

Challenging paternity

Typically, the court will determine paternity by either voluntary acknowledgment or mandated genetic testing. If genetic testing is required for determining paternity, all parties involved (mother, child, and father) will be required to deliver their test results to the court in a timely manner. If the alleged father fails to respond to a formal complaint served upon him, the court can determine he’s the father as a default judgment. A child support order can then be issued on him, which can result in wage garnishment and even a warrant for arrest if he fails to pay. If you’ve struggled to get the father of your child to fulfill his obligations, contact us. We can expedite your case and we’ll strive to ensure justice is served. We have over 20 years of experience in paternity law and we offer flat-rate pricing that can match almost any budget. Call us today to find out how we can best serve you.

How our family law attorneys can help you

If you would like your paternity case resolved without having to pay expensive hourly attorney fees, you’re not alone. Since our firm’s founding in 1990, thousands of people have turned to us for our affordable and effective family law services. Like them, you too can have your paternity case resolved by the Budget Legal Center for a reasonable fixed fee. Whether you’re trying to garner spousal or child support, determine paternity, or settle a contested divorce, we can help expedite the process and ensure your rights are protected. Our team of expert attorneys has over 20 years of experience counseling and representing our clients through a range of family legal issues and we’ll strive to get you the best possible outcome.

Affordable and effective paternity law solutions

At Budget Legal Center, we understand you may feel some anxiety about the costs and inconvenience of hiring a lawyer to help settle your family dispute. Our flat-rate pricing is designed to work with any budget and our team of attorneys has decades of experience. With a $500 investment, you’ll see your case thoroughly researched, filed, and represented before the court. We’ll make resolving your legal issue as painless as possible and we’re happy to answer all your questions anytime. Don’t let your budget limitations stop you from keeping your parental rights intact. Contact us today.

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